Theresa Joseph

Theresa Joseph, founder of the Global Peace Movement and Channeled Grace Healing Circles, is a mystic, spiritual mentor, intuitive healer, Reiki Master and artist whose mission is to empower others by raising consciousness, manifesting peace and channeling grace. Prior to this Theresa spent 18 years in finance at International Business Machines. She has a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MBA in banking and finance.

Glimpses of Heaven

Jesus Pulls Me Across the Veil

In 1996, I attended a group Reiki exchange at the Glenville Civic Center. There were 15 to 20 Reiki tables lined up in the center of the gymnasium. The concept was that anyone who was a trained Reiki practitioner, of any level, could attend to receive and give Reiki. Many of the people there seemed to know each other and had practiced Reiki for many years. I, on the other hand, was a Reiki Level I practitioner and knew no one. I was paired up with a middle-aged man who was kind enough to allow me to first receive Reiki. I lay down on the Reiki table, as did all the other people who were to receive energy work. All those who were giving Reiki began working. I was completely new to this whole Reiki thing, so this could have been a very distracting environment for me to have a meaningful experience, not that I knew what a meaningful experience would look or feel like, or that one was even possible.

Within minutes of this man (whose name I never knew and whom I never met again) working on me, I had a sense of no longer having a body. I was no longer a physical being in the gymnasium. At some level, I was conscious of a part of me being in the gym, but the essence of who I am, was not there; or more accurately, it was not just there in that gym but also in another dimension at the same time. The body that was “me” was now pure, unlimited white light. I could see the beauty of life. I saw how simple life was. Jesus had pulled me across the veil that separates my world from his. I was in his presence. A tear formed in my eye, which made me once again aware of my physical body. I felt as if I was glowing or as if white light were emanating from my entire body. Jesus said to me about the meaning of life: It is so simple. It is all about love. And through this experience, I was shown what it is like to die. This is where we go when we cross over to the other side, which seems to exist parallel to us here and now. It is beautiful. There is nothing but unconditional love. It is a feeling and a “place” in which I wanted to remain indefinitely.

What Jesus gave to me was the gift of knowing what these words felt like and through that feeling, I was able to ascertain their meaning. The message was clear—that the meaning of our lives is pure love. All he wants is for this love, which in its deepest and truest form is the Divine within each of us, to be extended to everyone without exception. Extend it as if the person opposite you were the son of God, because he or she is. And no matter how he or she chooses to live his or her life here on earth, God loves him or her no more or no less than He loves you.

Apparently, I stayed on that Reiki table for an almost indefinite period. Because I was with Jesus, I had no sense of time or of my physical surroundings, so I unknowingly laid there throughout the entire Reiki exchange. The man who worked on me was kind enough not to nudge me to get up when it should have been his turn to receive Reiki from me. He never got his chance to receive Reiki because I never came out of that state of grace until the lights were turned on in the gymnasium and it was time for the tables to be folded up and for everyone to go home. I have always felt badly about this, and if he is reading this now, I offer my deepest apologies and my deepest gratitude. For it is through him that I had one of my most profound, life changing experiences. God worked through this man to show me my first glimpse of heaven.


Grandpa’s Life After Death

In Grandpa’s life after, death his spirit shared these words with his wife, who was still on this earth plane: “Fear not, Sarah, for where you are going, there is only love. There is no pain, no sorrow. The heaviness of the flesh is not even a memory. What remains is love. I feel it now. It is all that is. It is all that will ever be.” When Grandpa finished, Jesus spoke: Walk not in fear or sorrow, my children, for I have always been at your side, and I will continue to guide you and to cherish you. I ask only that you cherish me. Not your jobs, not your belongings, not just the things that are right with your life but everything. For in cherishing everything, you cherish me. My life was a guide to you, an example of how I want you to live. (Grandpa’s) life, too, was a guide for you. He showed you how to live in the face of adversity and in good fortune. Now I beg you not to dwell in the sorrow of his passing as he is with me, as I have called him to be. His essence remains. You can feel his spirit and his love all around you. As he said, it is boundless—as yours should be. As above, so belowon earth as it is in heaven, my will be done. Go in peace. I love you all.

They are both with Me now and will be here when you arrive. They are your guides. They love you no less now than when they lived amongst you. Every loving thought you have is immediately received by them. So, think not that you have lost them. They are with you as they have always been. To perceive them now, you must quiet your mind. Know them in their true form, which is your true form, which is one with Me, your Father, your Creatorthe All that Is. Remember our unity and it will set you free. Blessed are the children who walk in My Light.

And in me, they will dwell. Know that they (my grandparents) are well taken care of in “heaven.” They are one with the God consciousness. Amen.


Grandma’s Life After Death

Grandma, who when she was alive was fearful of almost everything, passed away in the spring of 2006. She came to me in a vision shortly after she passed, saying this about heaven: “It is glorious!” She was giddy. There was a sense that what she was experiencing was wonderful and unexpected. “Everything makes sense here. I see now that I never had to suffer—I never had to fear. It was the fear that caused the suffering, but I am free from that now. I want to tell you all to look inside yourselves for peace. Be one with your Divinity, and you will be as free as I am now. There is no need to wait for the change you call death. This death of the body is a new beginning for the soul. A state in which we can remember how grand and perfect our life is. There are no mistakes in the Divine plan. Be patient with yourselves as you walk the earth. You can make no wrong choices.

“You can only perceive your choices to be wrong. Every path will lead you to God. I am in the God consciousness now … Oh, it is so glorious! I had nothing to fear. (Again, I saw Grandma downright giddy, beside herself with the joy of discovering what she sees and feels. It is hard to explain, she is like a child who discovers that Santa Claus is real after years of doubt.) Oh, I can’t tell you enough to let go of your fears. There is nothing wrong—everything is as it should be—I see it clearly from here. I am much larger than you will remember me. My spirit is enormous, yet I saw myself as small (when I was alive). I did not know the glory that was me while I walked among you. I beg you, please, know the glory that is “you” while you remain on earth—do not wait for the change called death. Manifest your Divinity now—you need not wait. Let it shine. Let God’s light shine forth from you. Let it emanate from every cell of your body. Let it sing from your lips. Let it look through your eyes. Let it come through your touch. God means for us to live like this. I’ll say it again—we don’t have to wait! Recognize that you are not a separate entity from God. You are the Divine made manifest. Walk your journey with this knowledge. Perceive everyone in your life as a teacher; perceive every experience as part of a Divine plan and be at peace.”

When Grandma finished, Jesus spoke: And in me they will dwell. Know that they (my grandparents) are well taken care of in heaven. They are one with the God consciousness. Amen.